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The JV Squad's @CaseyJost & Joe @SI_Badboy Imburgio discuss the latest and greatest scams while going off on tangents about their storied history as worst friends.

The guys met in high school and throughout the years have scammed their way into employment, music, comedy, drinking, and relationships. They touch upon these scams often - especially the drinking ones.


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Casey Jost



Joe Imburgio is Staten Island’s bad boy (self proclaimed). He’s a white guy with a white eyebrow. Joe is a writer for TruTV’s Impractical Jokers. He’s played the bass guitar with about a dozen bands, currently with a band called Bueno, and lives in Staten Island. Joe is the least attractive member of his very hot family.

Casey Jost is a walking-talking ADHD fever-dream.

Shows he’s done stuff for include: Impractical Jokers, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Billy On The Street, Jokers Wild, and a ton of pilots that never got picked up.

As a writer for Impractical Jokers he occasionally hosts behind the scenes segments for the program. He’s hosted projects for Comedy Central, TruTV, Rolling Stone, and a bunch of internet commercials you’ve never seen.

He plays a ton of music. Mostly in his band Les Vinyl. Sometimes by himself. Sometimes with a rap group called “Chase and Rose”.

He performs at UCB Theater East every Friday and Saturday night.

He hasn’t thrown-up yet in 2017 and hasn’t made any plans to do so.