Fan Scam File: Case 001


My roommate and I were at Walmart the other day and funnily enough we started talking about ways to scam them to save money without *technically* stealing anything (lol). Also, its Walmart so I don’t feel too bad anyways.

So this is probably a common scam but I thought it was worth writing you guys about just in case you hadn’t thought about it. What we do is get stuff from the produce section that has to be manually entered into the check out machine (no bar code), and then we go to the self checkout and enter the items in as something less expensive than the thing we are actually getting. For example, you can enter zucchini in as cucumber and its a lot cheaper. Also, I personally love honey crisp apples but they’re about three times as expensive as the cheapest type of apples (usually golden delicious is the cheapest), so I’ll enter them in as the cheaper ones. There are seriously countless ways that you could scam produce by doing this if you use some imagination.

Also, another quick scam that a lot of people probably already know about is asking for light ice in iced drinks from Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts. They usually put a ton of ice and not a lot of drink, but its free to ask for light ice and you get so much more drink for your money."