Fan Scam File: Case 002


I figured, what the hell. I'll send you a boring Scamboni that I committed at the tender age of 16. I worked at one of those target food stands. The ones that sell personal pan pizzas, pretzels, popcorn, other items also starting with P. Anyway, the rule for the personal pan pizzas is you have to have one of the cheese and pepperoni ready at all times, but after 20 minutes they go bad. We were not selling 1 ever 20 minutes. We were lucky if we sold 1 in a shift. So, when it reached the witching hour and the pizza would turn into a pumpkin, we'd take them and set them in the back. Near the trash can, but not in it. If it happened to walk away with a coworker, not our fault. I was known to, on occasion, eat one of said pumpkins in the back. Maybe, legally this counts as stealing, but I think it's a grey area. And besides, after 11 years, I think the statute of limitations is up on pizza theft.

Thanks for doing such a fun podcast guys! I look forward to it every week.

– Kim